ReAct: Bullet Decision is a mystery interactive fiction game by Spilled Games LLC. When faced with being alone forever, a gun to someone’s head, and a roaring laughter; what will you choose? Revenge or mercy? Play as Lilah Simon, an aspiring computer forensic scientist. A quite 22-year-old just trying to finish college and find a part time job. Until her everyday worries get pushed to the side when her brother goes missing. She must search through the city to look for clues, talk to suspects and confidants, while struggling with learning about dark nature of those around her. But be careful what you talk about- nothing can be taken back.

When every choice counts how will you react when your boss gets handsy? Or when your manager wants to sweep it under the rug? When you see a girl being harassed? When someone comes and harasses you? When there is blood on the floor? A gun in your face?

What will be your story? Your Bullet Decision?

Ready to start? Come play the demo!

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